7 ayurvedic herbs that you should know

In addition to yoga and nutrition, plant science is a central element of Ayurveda. Health science knows numerous herbs, which are said to have positive effects on body and soul. They are used to strengthen our vitality and well-being. #ayurveda #Herbs #ges Source by elisazunder

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How to get rid of inner ballast

How yoga can help you get rid of inner ballast: Many people feel a great need for more ease. Yoga and meditation teacher Michaela Wendt describes vividly how a yoga practice can support and transform gravity into lightness with the help of asanas and pranayama. (…) Click on the pin …

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Power drinks for a strong immune system

Strengthen your immune system with fresh mixed fruit and vegetable drinks and green smoothies. Rich drinks with lots of vitamins and minerals for a strong immune defense. Recipes and tips to prevent colds and flu. #smoothies #powerdrink #immune system Source by nadinegerritzen

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